Certifications: ISO 22000 HACCP Hygienic • ISO 9001 Quality • ISO 14001 Environment


Airtec® offers specialist help and sparring for consulting engineers and HVAC specialists.

Whenever you are faced with a project that may require high-pressure air humidifying systems, Airtec® acts as your partner with our specialist knowhow. 
Airtec® can assist you in determining the correct settings and water requirements that will create the production or indoor climate conditions specified in the tender material.
Airtec® air humidifying technology can increase production flow, reduce downtime and enhance indoor climate in production facilities or commercial buildings where issues can occur relating to:


Site Assesment

In existing installations without air humidifying systems, Airtec® offers a free onsite assessment of the requirements and possibilities for air humidifying technology to alleviate issues facing the production.
Take a look at our Site Assessment here.
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