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Airtec® Academy

Get behind the scenes when Airtec® installs and services an air humidification system

Would you like to know more about installation and engineering in an air humidification system? Airtec® Academy is a series of videos showing how we handle the installation, start-up and service of an air humidification system.

In Airtec® Academy, you can follow the individual steps in the installation, commissioning and service of one of our humidification systems. This is a way for technicians and companies to gain a greater understanding of such a system – either for companies who are considering the benefits of an air humidification system, or companies who might consider partnering with us in order to obtain license to service our customers.

The videos are intended as internal training videos for Airtec's own employees and dealers, but we now want to share them with anyone who has an interest in this type of installation.

Video-based training program in collaboration with Airtec® representatives

The Airtec® Academy consists of a series of videos that show in detail the individual steps in setting up and commissioning an Airtec® air humidification system.

Airtec® always follows a structured and meticulous approach when planning and installing a system, and it is our hope that Airtec® Academy will give an insight into our way of working - and also how we expect our customers and partners work with the systems.

Installation and servicing of an Airtec® air humidification system will always be done by a local Airtec® representative or by project engineers from Airtec®.

With the launch of Airtec® Academy, we want to inspire and educate our customers so that they are well-prepared when embarking on a new project - and we also want to demonstrate the systematics of our approach to work. The videos are not intended to function as a guide, but as inspiration only.

All work on the design, installation, commissioning and servicing of an Airtec® air humidification system must be done by Airtec® or by our certified partners only.

Want to join in? Here's how you do it

Want to join in? Here's how you do it

The first series of videos in Airtec® Academy is already online on our website. Several videos are under development, where we go into greater detail with our Site Assessment and with the servicing of the facilities.

To access the videos, we first need to know a little about you and your business.

Once accessed, you can freely browse the video material and use it as inspiration.

Fill out this form and we will contact you and give you access to Airtec® Academy.

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Airtec’s Site Assessment: the foundation of any facility


The basis for all work on an air humidification system is what we call a Site Assessment.

In order for us to organize a proper humidification program for a company or a commercial building, it is vital that we have examined the building first.

A Site Assessment is the result of our review of the building itself, whether it is production facility or a commercial building such as an office building or a museum.

Only when the Site Assessment is ready can we safely determine the correct amount of water, location of individual nozzles and atomizers, water quality requirements and so on - this is an extremely important piece of work that needs to be done before all else.

The Site Assessment is a service we provide free of charge.

You can read more about our Site Assessment here >>


Airtec® SystemGuide


Airtec's SystemGuide is one of several vital documents relating to the installation, operation, service and maintenance of an Airtec® air humidification system.

It provides water quality control instructions and detailed descriptions and technical data for all components of an air humidification system.

The SystemGuide also gives our partners information related to spare parts, checklists, system start-up and so on.

You can download part of the SystemGuide for inspiration here >>



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