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Avoid costly downtime, control humidity

Failing to keep humidity levels optimal leads to static electricity in the material and in the airborne dust, which causes electrostatic discharge. Production downtime is costly but can be prevented with proper control of air humidity in your production facility. Here’s how:

In the production of fiberglass products, such as boats, wind turbine blades etc., various production phases increase the risk of electrostatic discharges (ESD), which can damage both personnel and machinery. 

Air humidifying systems from Airtec® are used in many types of plastics and composite manufacturing.  

In plastic production, airborne dust is also a well-recognized problem as dust is drawn to statically charged components. An air humidity of between 40 and 60% is ideal to reduce static build-up and hereby the amount of airborne dust that is almost always present in a plastic production facility.

Thus, this will significantly reduce electrostatic discharges. Finally, such a system will lead to improved working environment, protecting both equipment and the wellbeing of personnel.

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