Certifications: ISO 22000 HACCP Hygienic • ISO 9001 Quality • ISO 14001 Environment

Ventilated atomizers and HydroFlex™ nozzles

To ensure a fully integrated air humidification solution the choice of nozzle and atomizer is essential. Airtec® atomizers and nozzles are branded under the names of HydroJet™, HydroTrio™ and HydroOne™. 

Product Overview

Each is designed with a ventilator to supply warm air to the nozzle ensuring fast and safe evaporation of the atomized water. The atomizers are designed to operate under various conditions from a height above floor level of 2.5 meter and up.

HydroFlex™ nozzles are an uncomplicated solution where nozzles are directly mounted in the high-pressure string. This solution can be beneficial in a multitude of solutions. 




HydroFlex™ PA

HydroFlex™ SS

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