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How it works and why

High pressure air humidification is a technology in which water vapor or water in the form of a fine mist is added to the air in a room in a commercial building or a production facility.

An air humidifying system works by adding water mist to the room directly via atomizers – small spray dispensers typically mounted along walls or under the ceiling. Another way of doing it is by adding water vapor to air supplied to a ventilation system – this solution is typically used in office buildings, hospitals, theatres etc.

The reason for choosing such a solution is to be able to control the humidity of the air in a commercial building (e.g. a museum or an office building) or a production facility. In this way it is possible to control with a high degree of precision the moisture level in the air, which can help alleviate some of the issues typically present in production facilities and commercial buildings: Excess heat, airborne dust, drying out of products (desiccation) or the risk of electrostatic discharges.

Humidity control in commercial buildings is important – air that is too dry or too moist will affect indoor climate and productivity.

At Airtec®, we design and install high-pressure air humidifying solutions in commercial buildings and production facilities. We also offer consulting engineers and HVAC specialists our knowhow in the design, setup, monitoring and servicing of such installations.

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