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How controlling air humidity improves application process and working environment 

Paints and lacquers rely on consistently correct levels of air humidity. If the humidity levels are not correct and consistent it may result in the paint failing to adhere correctly.

With the correct humidity levels, these issues can easily be avoided, and paint shops can perform according to specifications. Here’s how:

Most producers of paint stipulate a certain air humidity level when applying and drying the paint, whether it is for industrial usage, auto painting, wood or others. In fact, most paint for professional use is specifically designed to be applied under certain conditions only.

The correct level of air humidity in paint processes is critical in maintaining the right viscosity of the paint or lacquer in use – both in the application of the paint to the surface and in the subsequent drying or hardening processes.

Paint applied under low air humidity will not coalesce properly, causing the paint to form the characteristic “orange peel” pattern.















In the case of powder coating, moisture in the air acts as a conductor, making the electrostatic application of the paint spray possible. Briefly put, air humidity control is simply essential for any paint or lacquer process.

An Airtec® air humidifying system can be designed to meet the exact specifications needed for any paint or lacquer shop.

With it, optimum production conditions can be obtained, ensuring, not just a perfect result, but also a much better working environment for your personnel. 


Ensuring productive environment through site assessment

One of the ways Airtec® can improve your production environment is by making a site assessment of the requirements for air humidification at the production site itself.

Our project engineers will determine how the individual paint or lacquer processes can benefit from improved humidity control. We do this by examining the production flow, the presence of ventilation systems, heat sources and many other parameters. Based on this, we give you a detailed recommendation on how to optimize your paint processes.

We can assist in designing the entire air humidifying solution and can also offer to install and service the system. Contact us today and find out more.


Contact us today and find out more