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Humidity control helped Ikaalinen College of Design and Crafts

Protecting the delicate characteristics of the wood for musical instruments by controlling the ambient humidity as well as reducing dust lead to productive benefits and improved work environment at the department for guitar making.

Fragile raw materials and dust affecting productivity

At the college of crafts and design in Ikaalinen humidity plays a big part in the ability to build high quality guitars, around the year.

The wood is highly sensitive to variations in humidity over the year. Maintaining a stabile relative humidity is therefore essential in order to avoid shrink and tear, especially when working with a thin and complex wood material. Dust generated from the production also effects the working environment.

We have seen improvement

Guitar making teacher, Tero Siromaa has been satisfied with the system functionality and Airtec® service revolution.

“In general people do not realize how much the humidity will drop during the heating season and the problems it brings. After installing the Airtec®solution, the humidity level has been stable, and the air is clean and fresh to breathe.

We are now able to work with the sensitive material all year round. People in our department really feel improvements of the climate inside.”

The solution was next door

The idea for installing an air humidification system came from another department at the school, who had a humidity solution from Airtec® installed in 2006.

“Their good experiences and our own experience with another type of humidity solution lead us to invest in the Airtec® Easyline system, which was installed in 2012,” says Tero Siromaa, who is a teacher in the guitar making department.

The system includes three zones humidity control with four HydroTrio and one HydroOne unit.  

Airtec® has delivered more than 20 air humidification solutions to similar colleges around Finland.

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