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Learn how humidity control improved the malting process | Airtec

A UK company in the malting industry was able to save extensive amounts of energy and water with high-pressure air humidification system from Airtec®.

Before installing the high-pressure air humidification system from Airtec®, the customer used 16 spinning discs in the germination process to cool and humidify 1,440 tons of barley.

These spinning discs where using close to 24000 m3 water per year, and they needed maintenance on a frequent basis to be able to do this.

Having this system was extremely costly and time consuming and required a lot of resources for this UK malting company.

Up to 90% less water consumption with Airtec®

“We are now using 6000 m3 of water per year a reduction of 75%. We have made energy savings by replacing 16, 1.5 kW electrical motors from the spinning discs with 2 x 1.5 kW motor for the Airtec® system estimated saving of 104,800 KW per year. Estimating 52 germination runs per year. Additionally, our maintenance costs went down considerably as well,” explained a spokesperson from the company.  

With a high-pressure system from Airtec®, you produce 700 liters of water per hour using only 1.5 kW. Additionally, with the frequency inverted pump system, the energy consumption is variably adjusted to fit the required level of water being produced – minimizing the energy cost.

The actual figures from our existing customers show that installing a high-pressure air humidification system from Airtec® is able to reduce water consumption by up to 90%.

Adding the energy savings, the payback time in the case of the UK malting company proved to be less than one year

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