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Read how humidity control can reduce “angel share” at distilleries

A humidity solution from Airtec® was able to reduce the ‘angel's share,’ or evaporation, for the biggest distillery in Finland. This made it possible to limit the loss of whisky volume during the maturing process.

At Teerenpeli Distillery, raw whisky is matured in oak casks for several years to get its unique color and flavor. Wooden cask is an organic, breathing material, which allows water and alcohol to evaporate into the surrounding air.  

The wooden cask equalizes with the surrounding air humidity, which means the liquid transforms outwards when the air humidity is too low, and inwards when the air humidity is too high. Too low humidity will over the years mean great volume loss of whisky and thereby loss of income.

Now we can concentrate on making excellent whisky!

“In the maturing process evaporation of whisky, a phenomenon called ‘angel share’, cannot be completely avoided, but at least now we can control it. We need to keep the minimum level of humidity above 63.5% RH, which the Airtec® system can easily do without any notice from our side,” said master distiller Jaakko Joki from the family owned distillery.  

The humidification system installed at Teerenpeli Distillery in Finland includes an EasyLine™ pump station with two control zones, two HydroOnes™, two HydroFlex™ units and a reverse osmosis filter that purifies the water further. This full package deal was the perfect set-up for Teerenpeli.  

“The difference between the new and the old system is like night and day. We are beyond satisfied with the full package from Airtec®,” explained Mr. Jaakko Joki from the Finnish distillery established in 2002.  

Teerenpeli only use real and original raw materials without adjuncts to make their whisky, and with the addition of an Airtec® humidification system, they were able to create the perfect environment to continue the creation of the popular single malt whisky from the finest Finnish barley. 

“After the installation of the Airtec® EasyLine™ humidification system together with reverse osmosis water, we have been able to stabilize the humidity in the storage area. We have tested another type of spray system, but it could not manage the high humidity level, we needed. The new system from Airtec® is reliable and creates the correct circumstances,” said Mr. Jaakko Joki.

Read more about Teerenpeli Distillery at www.teerenpelidistillery.com

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